Interrupted by Books — in the midst or just finished:

From Stone to Living Word by Debbie Blue — wonderful, wise and entertaining. Written so that a lay audience can definitely dive in, she also provides wonderful insights to scripture. The first part of the book explains about the Bible, about seeing it narratively — my words can’t do this justice at all. The other parts she starts with scripture and then dives into it. “[The Bible] calls us to relationship with the Other. The Bible points us to this tangle. But often instead of allowing it to point us there, we use it somehow to get out of the tangle….we mistake the summons of the living God for a rock …..[rather] than a living response to a living being.”

Jesus Feminist by Sarah Bessey is another book I’m reading, and again nearly every line is quotable. Part is her faith story and shows how messy and spiraling and up and down our faith journeys can be. She owns it and brings it. Part of the book is tearing apart and leaving no room to stand for anyone who thinks the Bible forbids women to ….. anything: talk, preach, etc. We’re all called to listen to and respond to the Holy Spirit. This part of the book is interesting to me because she goes deep into the Greek, the Hebrew of the words — but of course I never had the slightest doubt about being feminist and being Christian. Bessey’s descriptions of what she encountered in Texas…. well I just never imagined. And yet a very warm and readable book, honest, open, speaking truth clearly to power, with grace and love.
The Signature of All Things by Elizabeth Gilbert — what a wonderful historical novel. Not on the surface my cup of tea at all, picked by my book group — wow — wow. A great read. I read the about 500 pages in three days, I couldn’t stop. `

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