Blog 3: John the Baptist eats what?

Locusts can’t help but remind me of one of the plagues Moses set down on Egypt. That John the Baptist is forced to eat them? Willingly chooses to eat them? There is a hunger here for John, a humbleness, a need. He is profoundly hungry. And I think that his hunger is also for right relation with God, a hunger to right the injustices of the world, a hunger to open our eyes to the injustices of the world. John is hungry! And this echoes back to many stories in scripture, I think. Hagar cried out to God in the wilderness. Elijah fleeing to the desert in despair. Hunger. Need.

We’re so blessed, those of us not literally in a wilderness place of need. Those of us not eating bugs, shout with joy! Yet for John, his life was sustained in the wilderness by locusts. Does suffering make us stronger? Could John the Baptist have found his strength in the city, dining on rich meat?

In our world of over-much, in which I am happy to live, our deserts may be metaphoric (yet still painful, yes?). What are we eating there, that barely sustains us as we wait for rain, wait for a path, wait for something? Let’s be thankful for each locust, every crumb of hope. God is found in the wilderness too. (Especially?)


Housekeeping: (1) I can’t figure out how to find copyright-free pictures to sparkle up my blog — yet! So that’s one of my strange pictures. A feeling of desert perhaps? A feeling of seeds?

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