Blog 6: Let’s mention Jesus

Oh I still am stuck and dwelling on John the Baptist, never fear. But time to pause and reassure — indeed Jesus is Lord not John. The gospels all make that clear. The thing is if we don’t give John his due and respect we won’t see a bunch of powerful and amazing things about Jesus. For example when Jesus goes to the Jordon and is baptized by John — so much is happening! But a huge thing is that Jesus — and Godself! — are affirming this type of baptism. Free wild water, a baptism not “official” at the temple, a baptism not to be “clean of sin” but to be “affirmed in renewal” — to be a part of something new? Instead of a tribal identification ritual, baptism is now affirmed as a powerful ritual of healing and renewal. If we don’t understand what John did and what he was trying to do, then we won’t understand how completely wonderful it is that Jesus affirms it by being baptized himself!

It’s so amazing! God wants us to be healed, whole, new, fully alive, fully engaged, fully loving — each to all — so, I’m having a moment here of such joy!


2 thoughts on “Blog 6: Let’s mention Jesus

  1. I love the “outside the temple” part. Was baptism also performed *in* the temple? If so, for what purpose? I don’t know, and I almost certainly should. It doesn’t seem like John would have come up with this idea entirely on his own. There must have been a religious/cultural precedent of some sort, a tradition which he was borrowing and probably to some extent or another transforming (as Jesus’ followers would continue to do). [this is, of course, an historical question — maybe important; maybe not, since it tends to lead one back outside the Bible, which can be useful, but maybe also distracting at times.]

    1. Hey Cathy, I’m not sure — I assumed from various mentions in sermons and readings about the purification rites that were needed back in those days, before one was clean enough priest to enter the Holy of Holys or to leave an offering or whatever, that Baptism came from those roots. I’ll have to keep my ears open for more!

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