Interrupted by song

Right at the moment I cannot get this song out of my head: “You won’t Let Go” by Michael W. Smith

It’s so beautiful!  Voice and music and meaning! Plus it explains exactly what has happened to me these last few months – I’d gone from “seeing” God as a Rock that I rest on or shelter within to a Rock that I was clinging to, afraid to fall, afraid I was going to crash, afraid I couldn’t hold on. Nothing wrong with seeing God as a Rock but fear, worry — the image wasn’t working for me anymore but I felt lost without it. I realize that there are hundreds (more?) images possible, but it was this song that snapped me into realizing:  Hey – God is holding on to me! I have nothing to fear – God is my Anchor, I don’t have to cling, I don’t have to hold on, I don’t have to worry. God’s got me and She’s not going to leave me.


One thought on “Interrupted by song

  1. Very inspiring. And it is neat how youtube lets us share things that years ago we could describe to people.

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