Blog: John and Jesus were babies

In honor of Mother’s day, which isn’t quite over yet, let me know that Chapter 1 of Luke is all about Elizabeth being pregnant with John and Mary being pregnant with Jesus — they were cousins. Mary went to spent time with Elizabeth and I can image them rejoicing at the new life within them, regardless of the circumstances. And John in the womb leaps for Jesus in the womb — there’s a wonderful joyful mythic sort of quality to this story. The whole chapter is wonderful of course and I could write a lot more in so many directions.

But in honor of Mother’s day, let me note that Elizabeth and Mary could have never really predicted their son’s journeys, could not have imaged what the future had in store. Both dead too young, both killed for political reasons, both leading followers to a new way of life that has implications and results 2000 years later — whew! John preparing the way for Jesus. Cousins who changed the world. And two mothers who must have grieved painfully later, at the end of the story they knew, must have grieved when a son would eat locusts, must have grieved when a son “went out to the desert”, must have feared, must have mourned.

For mother’s out there mourning and fearful on this beautiful day, feel my heart-felt prayers for you, for your sons, your daughters. May God hear our prayers, may He hold your in the palm of his hand.


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