John the Baptist in the Gospel of John

The John the Baptist in the Gospel of John is a little different. Of course the basics are the same: John the Baptist came first, he is human, he is a prophet, he was killed. But the language, the story, is pretty different. I love this rich language. In a bit we come to John’s very different story of John the Baptist and Jesus meeting and that’s a story I would like to learn “by heart”.  For right now look at this verse (I usually am a story person but this verse leaps out at me):

9The true light, which enlightens everyone, was coming into the world.”

These words just shimmer to me, just glow with hope. In fact there’s a song with similar words that gets ear-wormed in my head and I love it.

Jason Gray “With Every Act of Love”

He sings: “Jesus help us carry you/Alive in Us/Your Light Shines Through” — a really great song even if it gets stuck in your head!

So I’m going to tackle this part of John, and hopefully, prayfully, let Light shine, amen!



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