Firefly…and Matthew 25:45?

I have a big conference and a bunch of meetings coming up at work, so my thoughts and readings have been sadly far away from John the Baptist — a bit of desert wandering for me perhaps. But you never know what you might find in the desert, it is not all wild beasts and thirst. As it happened, I was just too tired to deal with anything a week or so ago and the TV happened to have a Firefly marathon, Joss Whedon’s beloved and killed-too-soon show. The episode “Ariel” was on, and (spoiler alert? do I really need to do this for Firefly?), at the end Jayne, the muscle with a very buried heart of gold, is in big big trouble with Mal, the Captain, for betraying Simon and River. Jayne says, “But I didn’t do it to you, I wouldn’t betray you!”

Mal, in blazing anger, shouts, “But you did. You betray my crew, you betray me.” (perhaps I’m paraphrasing a bit….but that’s pretty close I think)

That kind of rocked me back — I’ve certainly watched this episode many times, but I suddenly thought of Matthew 25:31-43, the “sheep and the goats.” I do not like the sheep and goats. I’ve never liked this or “gotten” this whole section. But suddenly then I could see Jesus trying to explain to his crew — to us as a matter of fact — if you are kind to the least of these people, you are kind to me; if you do not do give them water, you do not give me water…..

We’re on his crew. He’s going to take care of us, even the least of us. And he expects us to help.

So in the middle of my desert time a little bit of Bible study, a little “moment”,  via an old TV show!

I hope to get back to John the Baptist as soon as possible. Thanks my readers!


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