Starting to study Elijah

So everywhere that John the Baptist goes, or Jesus himself for that matter, people think they are Elijah come again. What does that even mean? I am afraid its time to dive (or tip toe) into the old Testament to learn more about Elijah.

The first thing I learned was that there is no Book of Elijah. I can’t believe I’m actually admitting how little I knew to everyone.

The second thing is that Elijah seems to be I Kings Chapter 17 through 2 Kings Chapter 1. That’s not very long actually for a person who is clearly so important that people hundreds of years later (I think) still consider him so important.

I not only thought he’d have his own Book; I thought he’d have hundreds of pages, like David or Moses, yes?

It starts off very boldly, with a Elijah informing King Ahab of the word of the Lord. It ends with Elijah being swirled up to Heaven, and Elisha picking up his mantle (literally and figuratively).

So we’ll see what stories lie between these two points in the next few weeks — I’ll just be doing my usual quirky bible study, which isn’t to say “this is the only way to think about it” but to try to see what discoveries or feelings or connections arise.


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