Psalm 8 and 16; and Calvinism

This past week several books and people have pointed me to the Psalms. I woke up and suddenly realized when there is this much telling you to do something, it might well be a God-thing. Go and do it! So I’m reading a couple Psalms this morning.

Psalm 8 is a beautiful poem/prayer. At first read it reminds me of spring — ah spring! — and it reminds me of Genesis. God can be seen in Earth, Stars, Moon, Sun, in humans, in sheep and oxen, and beasts and birds. At one level it is a list. At another level it is a question: What are human beings that you [meaning God] are mindful of them, mortals that you care for them?

God loves us.

God loves the whole world, and put us in this huge varied glowing-with-life world, He is mindful of us, He desires a relationship with us, He’s never going to give up on us. It’s joyful and amazing!

The context that Psalm 8 was mentioned to me was in a book about Calvinism. The book about Calvinism is called Calvinism in the Las Vegas Airport: Making connections in today’s world by Richard J. Mouw. It is wonderful — extremely readable and understandable and then ideas go off in your mind later like little time-bombs. What exploded me is, so far anyway, is the idea or emphasis on Divine Sovereignty. God comes first. God made* us, God leads us to Him, God chooses us, God forgives us, God first always.

Psalm 16 popped into my world because I’m going to be participating in August in the Epic Tell at the Network of Biblical Storytellers Festival Gathering. The bit of the Tell from Acts that is “mine” has quotes from Psalm 16. I’m going to study this up one side and down the other, but let’s just note the sub-title “Song of Trust and Security in God”. It starts: “Protect me, O God, for in you I take refuge.” And also “You show me the path of life./In your presence there is fullness of joy”.

Despite many challenges, this past week has been one of joy, because I am trying to put God first, which means a lot of things, and I’m sure to learn more, but sort of means: I can worry less. God’s got this. I can trust the Lord, even if everything seems bleak or broken or heart-breaking. God’s got me. God’s got the world. I can take a break from feeling heavy-burdened. I can rest in God’s love.

We can rest. Thank you God!

(*Don’t worry about evolution/creationism and all that, in my opinion ymmv. Think about the whole mystery or poetry of it all — all these swirling amazing atoms add up to me, you, him, her, them. God made us, yes? We’re not just swirling about in a chaotic world of other swirling bits, but things are orderly and beautiful and useful and amazing. It’s like a shout of joy — God made all this — like a song, like a gift.)


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