Interrupted by Books (and music)

“How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth” by Gordon D. Fee and Douglas Stuart is not easy reading. I’m reading it as part of my class, however we’re reading the chapters out of order. I’m going to go back some day and read it straight through. There’s a tremendous amount of useful stuff for the beginner here; and some perhaps not so much. Skip pages 89-90. But the books that make up the Bible varying in context, time, intent, type, author, language and so much. This book is a crash course on how to make sense of it: the process of exegesis — what was the context and meaning then, the history — and what is the hermeneutics — the meaning for us here and now. The Bible is God’s living word, yes? One very concrete result of reading this book so far happened the other day. I am working on part of Acts 2 and truly it made no sense. My “go to” bible is NRSV, Fee and Stuart recommend, when studying, to consult at least two other translations (and they explained about translations and had a chart and so on). So I did, I followed their advice, and The Message bible helped me tremendously to understand what I was reading. So the book is filled with concrete practical advice and understandings that I’m grateful for.

And completely unrelated, but beautiful Danu for your listening pleasure…..


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