What happens before Acts 2:22?

Last Sunday was Pentecost — the “birthday of the church”. And this focuses each year on Acts 2:1-21 — the stuff someone else will be performing before me. And our guest pastor preached a wonderful sermon last week on this! She said that that list of places where the crowd is from reflects “everywhere”, all points of a compass from a bird’s-eye view. The crowd were faithful Jews from everywhere, in Jerusalem for for the festival of Pentecost, the 50th day after Passover, and (if I understood correctly) a holiday that celebrates “the Law” — the torah, the history, the stories, etc. There had been up until then, one prophet at a time — one prophet a generation — that the Holy Spirit inspired.

That specific year in scripture, it was 10 days after Jesus ascended to Heaven. The disciples must have been waiting and wondering what next? Do we go back to fishing? How do we fish for people now?

After this Pentecost in Acts, God poured out the gift of the Holy Spirit for everyone…. are we all prophets now? Perhaps not! Maybe! But perhaps we all have the potential to shine with the light of the Holy Spirit.

And the walls between people will crumble down!


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