Interrupted by Father’s day

I have been over the last several months guiltily comforted by the idea of God-the-father. The relationship with my father was complicated. And he was so sick and suffering that I must be glad he is not suffering anymore. But that feels wrong, to be glad someone died. And — then my thoughts go into a tangle and I go watch more TV. However, God-the-Father for the first time has an echo, an appeal. That’s as far as I can go in explaining that.

What I will share is that my Dad may have shared with me much wisdom but only 3 things penetrated into my mind (oh children! do they ever listen!?):

1. How you spend/save your money is your choice, it doesn’t matter what other people do. Make good choices.

2. Always check your oil. If your oil light comes on stop the car immediately.

3. Always have an updated resume.

Thank you God-the-Father for being all loving beyond any earthly ability and understanding, and thank you for my Dad, in all his complexity and his human love.


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