The Actual Epic Tell!

The Epic Tell, last Thursday at the Festival Gathering of the Network of Biblical Storytellers, went great! Over is great! There is so much more room in my brain now to think of more things than just Acts 2:22-36. The Chevy Chase Methodist Church is beautiful, one of those churches that looks and feels like the inside of an old ship with carved wood and stained glass. Each teller sat at the end of a row and as it came close to our turn, we slipped up the side to the little narrow “room” where we were miked and then we’d popped out to the stage as the person ahead was exiting to be “un-miked”. I was number 5 which was perfect because if had had to wait longer I might have died of anxiety. I almost had a brain-freeze and needed the prompter; I think I did muddle up a line there. But for the most part all my practice and fussing with gestures and with feet work paid off — I think the Holy Spirit totally took over — mostly I can’t really remember what happened!

The key is based on that several people said to me, hey you made that passage understandable, it was good, I think it is safe to say that I did it for the Glory of God.

Next year’s epic tell will be Song of Solomon and Book of Ruth — maybe I will do it again!

In a couple weeks, I’ll start on the Prodigal Son and “lost and found” stories.

Thank you all for following and reading me.


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