Luke 15 and being lost

This little blog will be brief because I’m not feeling well.

I just want to mention that the sheep, the coin (being inanimate after all), and the sons didn’t any of them consider themselves lost. Lost is how others define them. The shepherd defines the sheep as lost since it isn’t with the flock; but the sheep knew where it was right? The coin, if coins could, would have said “I’m right here”. The son who squandered his money in a far country knew exactly where he was and why even if the father could only guess. The brother in the fields who missed the start of the party also knew exactly where he was.

We could be, ourselves, completely lost right now and not know it.

Let us pray with thanksgiving for the God who sees us, and know with certainty and amazement, that God knows us inside and out, knows exactly where we are, and is diligently, generously, eternally lavishing us with his love and grace, to prod us safely back to the flock and out of danger, to dig us out of hiding and the dark, and to bring us into relationship with Him and each other.



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