Interrupted by books & musing

The wonderful blogger Sarah Bessey’s second book is coming out this week, “Out of Sorts”. I can’t wait to get my hands on it! Her first book, Jesus Feminist, was so. very. good. A clear intelligent beautifully written bible study in support of women preaching, talking, fully living the Christ in them. Not a battleground at my church or even a debate; nonetheless a very interesting bible study. I learned a lot. I don’t know what “Out of Sorts” will be about exactly — her site says:

It’s about loss and how we cope with change. It’s about Jesus and why I love him and follow him. It’s about church and church people and why both make me crazy but why I can’t seem to quit either. It’s about embracing a faith which evolves and the stuff I used to think about God but I don’t think anymore, and it’s about the new things I think and believe that turned out to be old. It’s about the evolution of a soul and the ways I’ve failed; it’s about letting go of the fear and walking out into the unknown.

Certainly change is everywhere and I hate it… {{grins}}. I’m trying something new. I’m trying to embrace change. I’m trying to just let it happen and see what happens. I’m almost done with my Certificate in Theology and Ministry an online program via Princeton. It’s been wonderful. In a year I’ve dipped a toe into learning so much that I never before knew and so much that I did know I now have a way of organizing the information. I have absolutely no idea what my “next step” will be. I hope to get back to writing and I hope it is deeper, richer and that — having done all this work for a year — I can keep a pattern of working. But maybe the Holy Spirit will send me on a different adventure.

I recently read that life is like a 4-burner stove: work, family, friends, fun-stuff. If you want to be really successful in whichever area then you need to cook on a 1-burner stove. I don’t want to be “successful” in that way — I don’t even think that would be success. I want to have all 4 burners and I want to cook a big feast to give out.  Of course I also want (and need) profoundly some quiet time. The challenge is that which burner I’m cooking on at any time seems rather out of control!

Thanks for listening and thanks, always, to God, for the glory of God in each “burner” of life!


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