Luke 15 and what humans should learn?

In the previous post, I looked at the actions — the types of rescue — illumined by the parables in Luke 15 as if they were illustrative of God and God’s action.

What if they were were to be illustrative of how we humans should behave?

Sometimes we are to help the those who have wandered away from safety by going after them, like a Shepherd a missing sheep, and carry them home.

Sometimes we are to help those with hidden gold in them to find it — to light lamps to see, to work carefully and methodically and unearth that hidden delight.

Sometimes we are to wait. If the prodigal comes home then run to give love, to cherish the broken and restore relationship, don’t even wait for a full apology.

Sometimes we leave the party and go out in the cold to plead with the angry one to rejoice, to love. To reassure the angry one that they, too, are beloved and have an abundance.

What if the parables are what we should do? How we should keep our eyes open wide, our hearts even wider, our arms and hands ready?

Oh God, help us to know you and feel your love, and feel emboldened to help as we go about our daily lives. Help us to truly see the others around us and love them. Help us to not be afraid. amen.


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