Interrupted by pain and healing

Advent is waiting for God to be born in human flesh and human bones and the whole beautiful mess. God chose to join us, to walk among us, to suffer, to heal, to love us in the flesh. The Incarnation is amazing!

Since my back went out, I’ve been thinking about bones and incarnation. It was pretty brave of God to come down here, to be flesh, especially knowing what was going to happen. That much love…recently I was told: God’s love is like the biggest waterfall you can image. And what we do is hold a cup out and take a tiny sip. When what we could do is stand so we are flooded and covered with water! This image made my heart leap. In the midst of my healing — my wonder and awe only increases for a God being so loving as to be incarnated, encased in flesh, to be in some sense less than God in order for us to be more than human in some sense —

As my back heals, I’m going to think about bones:

God pulled Jacob’s thigh bone out of joint and he walked with a limp the rest of his life — but he saw the face of God in the face of his brother (his enemy) after that.

Ezekiel’s dry bones, brought back to life….

What other bones might I find in scripture?

Bones — a mineral, that gives our body a framework, that are vital, that are “living stones”, yes? When things go “down to the bone” they go deep, they go to the core, they hurt. When you have only the “bare bones” you have an outline or a plan that needs fleshing out. When you walk with a limp you are vulnerable, you are noticeable.

Many things to think about bones. And many many thanks for being on the path of healing!



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