The Network of Biblical Storytellers and the Festival Gathering

So NBS puts on each summer a Festival Gathering — worship, lectures, workshops, and stories, stories, stories. So much fun. So much to learn. Last year I took part in the Epic Tell. This year I think I’m just (“just”) going to work on one of the theme stories and share my telling of it in a more informal setting. There are all ages here and its rather a Venn diagram of pastors, scholars, and just folks like me. Learning some bit of the Bible “by heart” truly changes you, is truly enriching.

Check the whole thing out here.

So the “theme stories” this year are:

Jacob Meets Rachel (Genesis 29:1-12)
Moses and Zipporah (Exodus 2:11-22)
Jesus Calls Disciples “Friends” (John 15:12-17)
At first glance, I think these are odd stories to make theme stories.
And I then I think, I bet I’m in for a surprise.



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