Jacob and bones and flesh

Pretty soon I’m going to have look up the footnotes of Genesis 29:1-13, but today I’m just going to zoom into verse 13. When Jesus told the story of the Prodigal son, and the Prodigal’s father runs to great him, with a kiss, and a hug, and to bring him back to the house, was Jesus thinking of Laban greeting Jacob? Again, I am sure that Jesus knew his scriptures. There must be echo’s later in scripture. However Laban ends up being very tricky indeed, and while tricking the trickster Jacob can seem just and fair I can’t think right off why Jesus would have had the Prodigal’s father echo Laban. Maybe when Jesus told that parable he was a sort of rewriting it — this time when the Prodigal son arrives to family, this time a father with unfailing and abundant generosity is there to greet him. Perhaps something to think more about.

Of course when this Genesis story was first told, the Prodigal son story wasn’t even a twinkle in anyone’s eye — it was 1000 years in the future, at least, yes?

So on its own, verse 13 echoes backwards, to earlier in Genesis, to Adam and Eve, 2:23: “Then the man said/”This at last is the bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh/this one shall be called Woman….”

We still today “flesh and blood” to refer to family. Bones strikes out at me because my back hurts again; in fact right there in my hip socket and the small of my back.

And that’s all I have tonight, but it’s for the glory of God!



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