Interrupted by TV and thoughts of heaven

Recently I realized what I like best in a TV show or a movie are “dinner table scenes”. From Firefly to Downton Abbey to my present obsession with Blue Bloods, I love people gathered at table, talking, telling stories, laughing, discussing “issues of the day”, and just sharing food and time together. This obviously could relate to a whole thing about Jesus and table fellowship but I’m not really going there. Regardless I just like it. I like gathering with friends and family at table too, but of course in real life there is always the worry of something going wrong: an actual argument breaking out, or an actual social misstep or not enough food or bad food. This too could be a sermon illustration sort of thing — compare/contrast with Martha worrying about feeding Jesus and the group. But I’m not going there either. I worry too much is about all that is needed to say.

In fiction, dinner table scenes can be all too brief, a mere break in the action, a breather from the point of the story — solving a crime, or committing a crime, falling in love, or whatever the fiction is about.

I think hope pray cherish the thought that when the Kingdom comes, when God unites new Heaven and new Earth — dinner table scenes will be the whole story. Who ever we’re seated next to, however it works, however literal or metaphoric, I hope that in some transformed way we still have the joys of cooking, tasting, sharing, and talking and storytelling and in a way so full of joy and peace and a richness of meaning that all worry and fear is gone. The “dinner table” will be the story. The dinner table, minus the worry, is my idea of heaven!



One thought on “Interrupted by TV and thoughts of heaven

  1. I like that picture of heaven, especially since family dinners were a big deal when I was growing up (sometimes all participants were pretty sleepy, since my brother and I waited until my father got home from work, and he was working very long hours, but it was an important time). I think I need some version of outdoor/alone time as well, but that doesn’t preclude the idealized dinner table.

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