A weary journey

Based on my last post, when I again practiced telling this story — Genesis 29:1-12 — I realized that Jacob must have been exhausted and lonely. He was at this point far from home. As far as we know, he was alone, he walked. “Then Jacob went on his journey and came to the land of the people of the east. As he looked, he saw….” Maybe he saw hope. A well, water, life, tons of fluffy sheep, peaceful shepherds. Because we know that romantic love is an expectation, a trope, of being by a well doesn’t preclude it from other meanings: hope.

And thus my telling — I take a few slow steps now. I pause. I talk slowly. And it feels right, it feels as if this storytelling is snapping into place. At the end, “and she ran and told her father.” We end with running; with energy, with kinship, with hope. The energy of the story has snapped into place!

Reading and praying this scripture on the day before Easter — well. A weary journey indeed. Jesus is the living water, He is our hope of resurrection, of never being alone on the journey…. I feel such an amazing joy, perhaps a little more tired than other years, but still enough that I would run and I would tell the story!

Happy Easter!


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