Writing out the story

Then Jacob went on his journey this link should show you part of my storytelling worksheet, how I try to write out the passage that I am trying to learn by heart and find connections.  So for example, I double-underlined “flocks” and “sheep”. I made the word “land” brown and also “stone” since that is a part of land/dirt/ground. I single-underlined references to “well’s mouth/mouth of the well” and put well in blue (for water).

Now that I type this out, I realize that I should have put the word “watered/water” in blue as well, to connect with well, but I used a different bold font — I didn’t see that connection until right this second. This scene is just so full of life, so full of water and abundance and hope.

It is striking to me to note the “looked/saw”. Later on in the worksheet, Jacob says to the shepherds, “Look, it is broad daylight….” and further “Jacob saw Rachel” and her beauty and the sheep. This is important. In fact, a lens to look at this whole bible and religion stuff through is that of “seeing”. Do we get out of own heads and our own desires and worries and truly see others? Our family? Our friends? Strangers? Do we see? How does God see, if that is possible to imagine? How does God want us to see each other?

What do you see in this passage that I’ve missed? What might you connect? What might you focus on? No two storytellers will be the same. That’s part of the fun! It’s also I think how scripture works, that while there are so many many things we can learn from each other and from amazing scholars, at the same time the Word of God speaks to us personally as well. There’s a careful tension there, but it is the “living Word”, yes?



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