Moses and Zipporah (Exodus 2:11-22)

The second story that is a “focus story” for this summer’s Network of Biblical Storytellers is that of  Moses and Zipporah (Exodus 2:11-22), which I don’t know at all. It turns out that Moses meets his wife, Zipporah, at a well — helping Zipporah and her sisters to get water for their sheep. Zipporah is a daughter of a priest of Midian — which the footnote says “nomadic offspring of Abraham and Keturah….” So kin, of a sort, as were “the people of the East” of Jacob. There’s a lot of similarities. There’s sheep.

Moses, as with Jacob, has a big packed story of course! This is just one small part. It’ll be important to see it in the bigger scheme. It’ll be important to not rush.

It feels hard not to rush; it feels hard to go further than just skimming the story. Maybe it is the spring time air, all that energy and new blood infecting me. Maybe it is having worked hard at the Jacob story (and still practicing it out loud, trying to smooth it out) and not wanting to leave that wonderful place of connection — that “click” with the story. Maybe I’m just feeling lazy and tired? And the fear — what if I’ve reached my limit and can’t learn anymore stories by heart?

Also at the beginning of any piece that I try to learn by heart there’s a little voice saying stuff like, “oh you won’t be able to learn this one.” “This one is too hard.” “There’s not a lot really to learn from this one.” “How about just do a once over lightly with this one.” “Who do you have to tell the story to anyway? Who do you think you are?” “You know now is a terrible time to start a  new story, life is too busy at work, at home, in the garden, everywhere. Just take a break.” It is a very discouraging voice.

Dear God, help me sink into this new story (without forgetting any of the other stories). Help me sniff out all its corners and nooks. Help me seek connections to other stories and connections to Jesus and connections to life. Help me have patience with the story and let your Word sink into my heart and take root. And perhaps my blogging about the process will help or inspire others, if it is your will.

For the glory of God! amen.



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