Interrupted by Books

I’m in the midst of reading the Expanse books by James S.A. Corey which is actually two people, Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck. This is wonderful fun space opera so completely thought out and exciting — it is less like reading words and instead just seeing it all in your mind’s eye. The very best one so far is Abaddon’s Gate because one of the heroes is, Anna, a Methodist pastor — she’s just awesome! She saves the day and she’s afraid and she’s faithful and she cares about people and she cares about forgiveness and she needs forgiveness…. I think I nearly cried at the scene where she serves communion on the space ship. So often “science” is seen as answers and not mystery and wonder and “faith” is seen as the opposite and not, also, mystery and wonder. So many wonderful characters! And this book is exciting and just a really great read! But — start at book 1 — they are all excellent and build on each other.

As if my stack of books to read isn’t big enough the wonderful Sarah Bessey just compiled a list — check it (and her) out.

Because of my book group, a few weeks ago I read “Boys in the Boat” and this is just amazing beautiful nonfiction writing — a history of the crew team in 1936 Olympics and interweaves information about the depression, each crew member, coaches, the guy who builds the shells, how the shells are build — everything you can imagine. I’m not even remotely interested in crew and yet — this book was fascinating.  This was a really good read and so a new goal is to learn more about the depression and the dust bowl. Because we are blessed beyond all imaging here and now versus there and then….


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