Thinking about King Saul

For several weeks at least, maybe longer,  for lack of a better word, I have felt a “call” to study (1) some longer part of scripture more than just one story chunk (however slow I go); (2) something to create a long story, not just a story reading, something longer (maybe I won’t be able to); and (3) a strange pull to King Saul. He has his own “meeting-at-a-well” story, he starts with a missing donkey, he becomes a King — the first King — and then,  he becomes entangled in love/hate with David, the once and future King so to speak, and finally he descends into failure and madness and death. Several/many years ago I wrote a short short from Saul’s point of view. Now I feel called to revisit King Saul, to see what I can learn by heart in a longer form, for the glory of God.

Why Saul?

Perhaps because still in our modern world, “who is fit to rule?” or “how do we ensure a good leader” are rather important questions. Perhaps it might be interesting to see if there’s something to learn from a King that God disavowed?

Perhaps because my father, as so many fathers, was swallowed up with a failing mind, even before his body failed. They say that as the “baby boomers” age society is going to face a really big problem with an increase in dementia: who will take care of everyone? How humane can we be? There are people who want to choose their death and that completely squicks me out (I don’t mean suicide, I mean something like euthanasia). Yet I saw what my father went through. I would not wish it on a dog (so to speak). I’ve thought about “quality of life”. And how life doesn’t seem to follow a plan!

So Saul seems to potentially encompass a lot of food for thought. And it certainly didn’t follow a plan.

Very roughly, I’ll start with 1 Samuel 9 (a glance back to 1 Samuel 8 at the warnings against a King seems only prudent) and go the end of 1 Samuel. We’ll see as we go what I just study or summarize and what I try to learn by heart.

I am very grateful for all my readers and hope you will like this odd journey!


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