Interrupted by Summer

I try to be very regular with my blog; and in a couple of weeks I’ll be back to it. This summer has been very busy and strange. I thought I would make a list.

  • My son will be off to start college in a few days — a transition for the whole family indeed.
  • We all just joined most of my family of origin for a vacation by the ocean coast — it was cool and beautiful. And everyone got along. It was really a welcome time of renewal for family bonds that were a bit frayed.
  • I’ve been reading many things, but would mention the amazing “Daring Greatly” by Brene Brown. Oh sweet Jesus this is good and this is healing. I’m not nearly half-way yet, so it is possible she gets theological. But just in case, let me note that it doesn’t take a whole lot to see that breaking the “honor/shame” thing is perhaps one of Jesus’ key mission tasks, yes? There is a lot more going on here than “self-help”.
  • And on TV, Stranger Things was just a heart-stirring delight of anguish and action and wit.
  • Another wonderful book was by Shondra Rhimes: The Year of Yes. Yes instead of fear, yes instead of easy, yes instead of safe: this is really inspiring by an inspiring woman. And a quick, fun, read.
  • And the Festival Gathering of the Network of Biblical Storytellers met again in Chevy Chase, Maryland, and again an amazing time was had. There was a workshop about Matthew 5-6 and specifically the Lord’s Prayer that opened it up as if something we have all said and heard a zillions times could be fresh and new. It was truly moving. The keynote speaker unpacked tremendous things about the first testament, specifically the “well” stories of Jacob and Moses. She was a really excellent speaker although less of it seems to have “stuck” in my brain. I was disappointed when she didn’t tie it into Jesus meeting a women at the well in John but instead discussed the strands in the Bible as a whole of a “voice” called “Priest”, a voice called “Wisdom”, a voice called “Apocalyptic” (what I would think of as a Prophetic voice). The Priest voice provides a solid ground (“As it was in the beginning, is now, and always shall be.”). The “Wisdom” voice can acknowledge that things now can be quite awful and unfair. The “Apocalyptic” voice can provide hope. Yet I was left with a feeling that she doesn’t trust the hope from this voice, and I certainly understand how hope can be trap or a sham or lead to not planning for the future. But between you and me, I need that hope and my life is wonderful so I can only imagine how someone with truly terrible sorrows needs the hope. Our speaker didn’t mean these voices to be in opposition or conflict, but they do mean that at times the Bible contradicts itself. Being able to tease out who is speaking/writing can help resolve that.  And there was plain old fun at the Gathering, and so much laughter. I can’t think of the Song of Songs now without laughing. I was determined to make friends — this is the safest place in the world to make friends — and I think I did.  Next year, join me! It is going to be amazing.
  • Finally — my back is better! My pain sometimes has vanished completely and I can move and bend and dance. This is very precious and has led me to not sit down at my computer, ha. For me, besides being faithful to some boring exercises as near to everyday as possible, the healing was found in an Applied Kinesiology type of Chiropractor — I’m aware that for some people this is just snake oil but honestly it works for me and I’m so happy.






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