Wrapping up I Samuel: 9 – 10

So apparently my goal of doing a long passage of one book is not working out very well! It’s time to fall back and punt. I’m still interested in Saul. I still think he had bad luck, for lack of a better word. Perhaps he was a person put in a job that he simply had no qualifications other than being tall and handsome. Perhaps he made God mad, inexplicably, as when Cain’s offering of grain was not favored by God. Since it seems that Saul was called to the prophet Samuel and called three times to be King before finally taking up his duties, it would be hard to say that Saul was acting egotistically. I’d have to curl up and read it again. And being King seems to mean going to war — he had to muster the people, using pieces of oxen as a message as was done to the woman in Judges. They went to fight Nahash, king of the Ammonites who was gouging Israelites right eyes out. This is a terrible bloody awful story and the start of a long series of such. From a son and a boy out to find missing donkeys, in a story so beautifully crafted with magic and myth and foreshadowing and a sense of inevitability, to the bloody reality of being a King in a warrior society.

It makes me sad.

When I started my blog I was just obsessed by John the Baptist and wanted to understand all his bits of stories and everything about him. Then other bible stories took me on. Now it feels as if the Bible isn’t calling me to any particular place. I have a responsibility to prepare for a bible study more or less on Jacob that will be in January. And want to brush up on the various passages that had at one point learned by heart. And prayer — and thus Psalms — has been calling me.

I think until some passion of discovery comes over me, I have to trust that what ever bit of scripture I blog about, whether from the above list of ideas or from the lectionary or more of Luke or anything, will end up being meaningful and interesting.

For the Glory of God!


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