In one way of looking at things, the US has been at war in the Middle East for about 18 years now, right? That is like something out of medieval history. I used to read about the 30 year war or the 100 year war and think, “Make peace already.”

It turns out we’ve always been at war, pretty much.

It turns out I don’t know what to call this war in the middle east — like it seems other wars had names: WW2 or the Vietnam War. Can we not stop being at war if we don’t even have a name for it?

I tried to google — like when did it start 2001 or 2002? Well that was complex! I know less now than when I started. And it might have ended in one sense in 2014? but we’ve been in emergencies since then?

I do know this: Peace is better than war.

I bet soldiers would agree. I bet pretty much everyone would agree!

“Foreign policy” is obviously not something I know much about (nor is war and battles clearly), so why have I brought this up? (And I realize, shame on me, I should understand more, but apparently the older I get the less I actually know. And I used to be so sure.)

Because Tyler, Texas, a place I had never heard of before, has an Art of Peace celebration in September. Starting September 14, you can check out the poetry anthology here. If you are in Tyler, Texas, they have all sorts of activities from a Peace Pole, to a Peace Meal, to an Open Mic, and likely more.

I wonder what it would look like, feel like, if other communities everywhere celebrated Peace with Art? If we talked about Peace? If we could visualize Peace the way we can visualize a super-hero movie? I wonder what Jesus would do?


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