About me

I’m as complex (and as simple) as everyone else. I was zapped by God’s amazing love and grace when I was 28, and life has never been the same again. Not always happy. Not a pod person now. And oddly (not-so-oddly?) the love of reading, writing, poetry, and other things, especially all thing science fiction, transfuses my story of becoming a Christian. Being a child of an inter-faith marriage transfuses my being a Christian. Being a feminist transfuses my being a Christian. It has been like learning a new language, in a new country. And it has been like coming home. Or falling in love. And there are things that will never, ever, make sense to me. But God’s amazing love and grace, that makes sense.

Where God can use me, I hope and pray, for the glory of God and the benefit of the people of the God and to build the Kingdom here, at hand and to come, is in biblical storytelling and looking at other stories. And in a blog that – I hope and pray – opens up and shares the scripture as well as gets “interrupted” by other stories: stories that are books, tv, movies, or even just “my story”. We’re all stories. Stories all the way down.

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